Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Yediyurappa and his Victorian Secret

Bangalore Police raided a party on Sunday but failed to find any drugs. These
youngsters have been booked for hosting a party without permission and also
for obscene dancing. The party was organized by sons of Mr.Ramakrishnaiah,
an official attached to primary education minister Vishweshwar Hegde Kageri.
The sons were not arrested due to pressure from senior police officials.
This qualifies as "Skimpily Clad" in Bangalore's definition.

By this standard, the cops should stand at the Immigration counter in BIAL. They will be able to arrest twice this number every hour for few more millimeters of leg seen on arriving foreign (and Indian) passengers.

I do not support rave parties and indecent behaviour. As a parent now, I want a safe and comfortable social life for my son once he goes to college. However, as the same parent, I do not want to live in a society where the rule of fear is passed off as the rule of law. Where I am more afraid of self-appointed moral cops in the garb of state cops picking up youngsters for "crimes" like dancing, singing and wearing knee-length skirts...

Victorian prudery is one matter. Talibanization of India is a whole another worry. Don't we have enough to put up with already, without sacrificing one of the best qualities that still redeems India over many developed nations? The freedom to "be".

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Toonfactory said...
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Toonfactory said...

This is a pic after the party, they might not been wearing what they are wearing while coming out...just a possibility... ;)so you never know what do they actually mean by'Skimpily Clad'....

Vidooshak said...

Even if it was, I still do not like this trend of being afraid of a moral police every time you do something. In most cases, this is merely intimidation tactics. Like most past cases, the cops will eventually let everyone go because they have no evidence and no legal standing.

I agree and fully support discouraging promiscuous culture among teens (now that I am not one), but in Bangalore this "discouragement" is taking on Talibanesque hues which worries me.

Mama - Mia said...

how does it matter what someone was wearing or not eve wearing as long as it is within legal limits!

its ridiculous the lengths everyone is going to save "Indian Culture!" and just making themselves a complete nuisance and giving India a bad name.

and they didnt find any drugs! nothing!