Monday, March 30, 2009

Basic Car Audio

I have a less than fancy car at the moment and did not want to spend too much on the in-car audio. While good music on the road is a necessity, I somehow did not feel comfortable spending upwards of 15-20K on this accessory. Recently, I managed to outfit the car with a basic car audio under Rs.10,000 that seems good enough for city driving and easy listening.

In case anyone is interested, the dents in the pocket were as follows:

Kenwood KDC-MP342U headunit (USB input, iPod, MP3 and WMA compatible) = Rs.7500

JBL GT5-S204 4" coaxial speakers (including installation) = Rs.1500

Total = Rs.9000

Headunits without the USB connector were available for a thousand bucks less. Now that I think about it, maybe I could have saved that money and burned cheap CDs instead.

I got it installed from Dinesh at Junction for Car Accessories at 4th Block Jayangar (close to the Jain Temple, opposite RV College of Nursing). He is a pleasant chap and completed the job in less than an hour.

Anyone here knows more about car audio and how to get a good one without blowing the pockets? Lots of info on high end systems but nothing for the rest of us on the audiophile websites :-)


Mama - Mia said...

we have mooosiic in the car now! yyyaayyy!

Goobjaab! :D

Anonymous said...

One of my friend's recently bought a new car, so I know bits from his experience. Around here in NCR there is an option of getting cheaper Sony or kenwood(for that matter any brand) systems at a much lesser price(about 25%-30% less) if you buy without bill or else buy an old model. Old as in still doing business wala model and not the recently launched ones. You cant save much on the speakers though.
If you are happy with the quality of the music, I think you made a good deal!

Indian Home Maker said...

Don't have any info but I love MOOOOSic in the car too :)