Wednesday, September 15, 2010

The Mask (1994)

A short poem created in 1995, when the world seemed to be collapsing around a confused teenager. I crossed that bridge to become what I am today. A confused dad. This is dedicated to the force that led me here.... and beyond.

Titled: fooling me into living (Dec 21, 1995)

I exclaimed that I just couldn’t sit to study.
“Don’t”, He said.
I finished off the syllabus within two days.

I am lonely because I don’t have any friends.
It is always lonely, He said, at the top.

I gave the performance of a lifetime. It was a flop.
He smiled.
I was “far ahead of my era to be appreciated.”

I have no goodness in me and my life is a mess.
I decided to live, and with the badness, after all.

I discovered that He’d been lying all along, to me.
“Of course
I lied”, He said, “ let you discover the truth.”

Friday, September 10, 2010

Dad/Daadu: Friend, Philosopher and Guide

Cubby's favorite daadu passed away last week. These rare archives of the great moments they spent with each other are all that remain. It is pure joy to see them bounce off each other. Their bond was even stronger than the one I shared with papa; luckily, the brat is too young to notice the void. I do hope, though, that he remembers the love and fun-times with his daadu all those years ago.... when he is old enough.

RIP, dad. You'll be missed.