Friday, March 27, 2009

Open Source Mehbooba

Probably one of the worst kep secrets of Hindi cinema is the blatant and rampant music plagiarism even by the most talented composers. This one was a slight shocker because "Mehbooba" remains one of India's catchiest dance tunes, even 25 years after its release. I was over awed at the efforts Burman da took in the days before Internet and iPod, to actually find obscure music and turn it into a national anthem. 

Now I am kind of sure a little digging will reveal even the other tunes in Sholay were "inspired" (apart from the obvious Sergio Leone theme music)


Mama - Mia said...

mehbooba?? REALLY?? maybe the english guy copied it!! hrrmmppff!

but the song still rocks!!! :D

Sonal said...

No way..may be this guy have copied. Inspired or Original..wht the heck.. i still love it ;).