Friday, January 09, 2009

Common Sense has No Nationality

Found this beautiful article from Dawn News, Pakistan's leading news daily, at another blog. How can we still hate them after this? :-)

It is amazing how far politicians and media can go to fuel a war. These are the two groups that depend upon war for their very survival. The third group to benefit is, of course, the armed forces but their gain is splattered with heavy losses. The former two, on the other hand, profit from war while having nothing to lose as people forget serious governance lapses, stay glued to TV and generally find something to distract them instead of pigeons at Taj.

Both these groups unarguably have the greatest influence on public opinion and public thinking. Contrary to popular perception, urban and intellectual "classes" are the first to fall for media-led bull. They make it easier for the masses to succumb. India quickly decides to forget Ashoka and embraces Ghazini (not Aamir, the other barbarian from Mongolia or Turkey).

At the other end of the spectrum, we have feeble voices of dissent in a country reviled for its war-mongering. We must all pray that in 2009 these voices grow louder and drown the sounds of madness. We must look at history and realize (before it is too late) that there are no victors in a war.


~nm said...

I don't what to call the article. Wonderful or sad. But whatever, its kind of shoves the reality in your face quite well

Just Like That said...

That was at the same time hilarious and disturbing.
And somehow that a newspaper in Pak can carry it seems to still hold out hope that we can live at peace with each other. I really REALLY hope that we don't get into a war for all the humane reasons.
But for all that, I dunno what irritates me more- Pak's wanting more and more evidence/proof.. whatever! that the Mumbai terrorists could be from Pak - or India supplying them with more and more of the same. Bah!

BabaJain said...

Sane voices exist in every scociety, even Pakistan. Pray to God / Allah that they get strenght

BabaJain said...

Just Like That :- I have sympathy for Pak govt as they are caught badly been a hard place and a rock. They have to keep buying time as they are not strong enough to punish the culprits. Already it seems the PM has joined the Army camp. What a pity.

Mama - Mia said...

its scary to see educated people like you n me rooting for war. appluading Israel because it attacked indiscriminately.

point is no solution can be found through war. simple. like you say there are no victors.

yes history books can say so n so won the war. but thats the political bit of it. meanwhile countless lives have been lost, property destrored, children orphaned and dreams shattered... even at Victor's end!

great post like always!



fieryblaster said...

it will be great to get the kick and smile at out enemy. is that what we mean? A country should be vertebrate and should teach a fitting lesson to the errand which made thousounds of our citizens suffer.