Thursday, January 22, 2009

Come, let's bomb them!

"We were in our office when hundreds of people barged into the hotel and started ransacking the lobby. We locked ourselves inside a room," said a staff member.

Nope, this isn't a news report about 26/11. Although, to my mind, the staff of this hotel must have experienced the same fear and helplessness in those 60 seconds, that their colleagues at Taj and Oberoi endured for 60 hours. This was a news item about Shiv Sena launching its election campaign in Mumbai by attacking a 5-star hotel. For all our outrage against Pakistan, we are helpless when the bouncers of Mumbai follow in their footsteps.

With elections around the corner, both MNS and original Sena have decided to go for some top-of-mind recall campaigns. On their next pit-stop, in Pune, they decided to vandalize a movie theatre. It's crime? They were exhibiting a movie in Kannada, a language recognized by the Indian constitution but not by Supremo (as the Sena party leader is called).

If some of you, lost in the haze of blaming the 'foreign hand' at every drop, care to remember, our fight with Pakistan is over a piece of land. We refuse to concede territory that we believe is ours, they believe is theirs. We are ready to bomb them, scar them and ban them for their assault against Indian pride.

The aforementioned vandalization is also over a piece of land. Karnataka refuses to concede Belgaum, a town it believes to be hers, Maharashtra believes is theirs. Whether JeM or KRV or MNS, the ideology is the same, the actions are the same. The intellectuals, willingly or unwillingly, refuse to acknowledge the "divide and rule" ruse. Linguists and activists on both sides of the border fuel the fire with support and justifications, ignoring the fact that terrorism must be shunned whether it is commited by non-state actors or own-state actors.

The hurt, in the latter case, is deeper. Who do you bomb when it's your own brothers assaulting the Indian pride? Or isn't their anything called "Indian" left anymore?


Mama - Mia said...

was totally horrified when i read this news! its so saddening that these hoodlums under the guise of some pride or the other and in organised fashion actually manage to do whatever theyw ant.

they dont even needs months of planning and training that the terrorists had before holding us hostage.

and thats what mkes them even more scary. its high time we banned these so called "political parties" and treat them with same attitude we treat so called "terrorists" with.

really there is almost no difference.



Just Like That said...

Its sad, really. and you know this made me wonder if in the days back when India was getting divided into states, there was any similar uproar raised by anyone? HAve you heard your grandparents say/recall anything about this? If not then, why now? Makes me wonder if there have actually BEEN 60 or so years of 'progress'?
And Raj Thackeray is IRRITATING and that is an UNDERSTATEMENT!!!

Indian Home Maker said...

I feel the same way. I think we are just not realising how terrifying mob terror or internal terror or saffron terror is.

This is also an attack on the country, on common citizens, it's unconstitutional but the most frightening part is it is considered DEBATABLE!
That somebody might get votes for terrorizing and molesting is the most horrifying part of it. I find some blogs supporting this violence in the name of culture ...
What's so cultured about not respecting our Constitution?

This struck a chord ...

Suma said...

well written...

when did all this happen?..i can't believe we've reached an age where we have self appointed moral police, religious fanatics, running amok here...

and the irony is that we recently celebrated our Republic day...Its a mockery of teh whole system!