Sunday, July 22, 2007

Yahoo! Male Beta

The date 20.07.2007 is interesting in more ways than one for me. This is the day that I joined the long and weary legion of the brave breed known as... fathers.

They talk of lucky dates and lucky times nowadays. Apparently, 21st is a luckier date than 20th. Apparently Saturday is luckier than Friday. Apparently, Leo is better than Cancer. In fact, people even schedule their child birth to ensure optimum luck. Genetic engineering of the Divine kind?

But I know that Bumpy's luck started even before he was born. Bumpy was lucky to have a super strong mom who bore the pain so well, not letting everyone else panic more. Labor started earlier than they expected, even before her ob-gyn could reach. But Bumpy decided on a lucky time to come. Lucky because the doctor and anesthetist were on the way to hospital for another scheduled C-section. So Bumpy was delivered under care of the best in the business!

The story started late on Thursday night with absolutely no symptoms. Contrary to urban legends, Bumpy was very comfortable inside and showed no signs of coming even a week later. The doctor decided not to wait for Bumpy to share his birthday with Harry Potter on 21st July and induced labor a day early instead. The first hour we wondered if they were gonna send us back home next day, without a baby to show for the troubles.

Within a couple of hours, she was howling in pain. An anxious hour later, Bumpy was born. An hour that seemed the longest in history. An hour in which every scream, every yelp sounded final. A time when we knew all would be well, yet our hearts rammed against our chest fearing the worst.

Having a male child is the pinnacle of God's blessing in India. We were keen to have a daughter. Our family has an overflow of sons anyway. When the nurse peeked out to say "Its a boy!", some of the old ladies in the waiting room gave me glances of overjoy and envy at the same time. I am sure they found my return-envy whacko for all infants born that day, except ours, were female.

Then the nurse brought something out for us. The moment they first show you the baby is the best yet most surreal ever. This is me. This came from me. This is my new family! One look at the dried-raisin (aka Bumpy), and I to forgot all about lucky dates, lucky gender and lucky luck. I fell in love with his mom all over again.

Wow. Yahoo. Hurray. Baap Re!

His mom will blog his arrival on the official Bumpy blog, once she finishes going through the last Harry Potter installment (for which I let Crossword fleece me of a thousand bucks today!!). He still has to come home. We still have to name the kid. We still haven't started waking nights to clean the poo and feed the puke-e-mon. But boy! Am I looking forward to it. Here's wishing a long, healthy and humor-filled life ahead for you...


Just Like That said...

:-) And the journey starts!

Bumpy (pun intended) in places, up a hill here, and round a scenic view there, a steady cruise, inspite of potholes on the way, lots of sunshine, some rain, some amazingly beautiful rainbows, that's how it's been for most people on this road...

Here's hoping that you and the Momma and li'l Bumpy (his name's stuck, no matter what you decide to call him) enjoy it a 100% And congratulations!

Faiyaz said...


Vidooshak said...

thanks JLT, u make it sound like such a pleasant ride. the first sleepless night had me ready to leave him on the footpath though. luckily abha "volunteered" to stay up and quiten him while i snored. so now we are friends again.

thanks faiyaz and JLT for ur regular comments :-)

Just Like That said...


I was nice earlier. Now its time for me to grin evilly and echo my Mom, when I go wailing to her. "You ain't see nothing, yet babes! Just you wait till he grows some more!!"

This has been a recurring statement, from the time Sonny boy was born till date (he's 3 1/2 now)

so dears, Just you wait!!!

Madhavi said...

Hey, Congratulations! I warned Abha, they're better in than out :)
And the sleepless nights will continue...first the baby stage, then bedtime stories while you can barely stay awake and are thinking of the 7.30 a.m. start to work, then getting up at 5 a.m. for the senior school bus, then exams, followed by staying up late to catch them as they come in from that late date....
Jokes apart...he looks lovely.
Did you guys like Deathly Hallows? Has Abha managed to read it too, or is she too busy at the moment?

Vidooshak said...

Hey Madhavi, that was such a dampener of a comment. Sadly, none of what you said was a joke. Happily, it was not as bad as I imagined, once it actually happened. So I guess we will survive the rest too. Although I often go Brrr!!

Abha finished Hallows. One of the perks of sleepless nights :-)
I am on page 79 now...

Thanks for commenting.

Mama - Mia said...

i never told ya ho awesome this post is! :)

thanks for being the support you have been!! it just wouldnt have been the joyride it has been without you by my side with all my mood swings and tears!



Pinku said...


this is such a cute post...and i hope the bumpy ride is going on full steam...