Saturday, July 14, 2007

Rangashankara, Marine Drive and Holding Hands without TV

I don't have cable TV.

People always end up shocked and open-mouthed when I tell them this. Some people even offer to gift us a TV if we cannot afford one. Because, oh my God, how can one live without TV?? I tell them, I have a TV. I just don't have cable TV, I don't have those 135 channels and counting... and we, my wife and I, have never felt let down yet.

On the other hand, I did get to watch TV for a long-ish spell recently. That actually did let us down. We are expecting a child so I spend a lot of my time at my in-laws house, waiting for the brat to arrive. The mere act of watching TV; of switching through so many channels and yet, finding nothing to watch. Or worse, finding something but wishing that it were not playing on TV. At least not on erstwhile "classy" channels like News and the History Channel. I realised we have been missing nothing. Hard to believe. But worth a try.

It is not that we are entertainment starved. Not having cable allows us to watch movies on DVD, what we want, when we want. We even manage to catch a lot of serials thanks to television DVDs. In addition, we can also reallocate the time saved from Kasamh Se to go view live plays in the theatre. Of course, in Rangashankara Bangalore now has a platform. What it needs is performers, radicals like Makarand Deshpande with guts to do something different, in a different way, with a different vision. I am confident that soon theatre will come alive again.

Ekta Kapoor may be single-handedly responsible for driving people back to the 'live' arts!


Faiyaz said...

I am wondering if I hurt u with my last comment!!!

Yes, Television DVDs save u from the ad spells and chota sa breaks!!! Me too dont have a TV.

Continue your keystrokes!!!

Sandeep said...

yes this is a good thing to do !! ..cutting down to Cable TV also has another advantage..cutting down your monthly Fixed Expenses !! ..all the personal finance bloggers(specially from USA) give this advice in their blogs :)

keep writing !!

Just Like That said...

Congratulations!!!!!! :-))))))