Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Baweja Fry

"I am glad that Harman has been accepted" -- Harry Baweja

This chap is in such denial! 5/10/15 years later, people will remember Love Story 2050 as a landmark, he says. True. The way we still remember and cherish Mithun da's Jallad, Raavan Raj and Gunda made in mid-90s. Must be Puppa Ka Pyaar for his Pappu....

On the other hand, don't miss Jaane Tu... a fantastic feel-good formula film!


Swati said...


Mama - Mia said...


LOVED the title!!

well the numerologist said Harman Baweja will eventually do better!! :D

so let see who is right!! ;)



Anonymous said...

Well he didn't explain WHERE he got accepted. ;) Maybe in the queue outside Balaji Studios? Maybe in the hidden graveyard of careers which died In Utero? Maybe in the Fraternity of Sons with Silver Spoons up their butts... as I heard someone say today..."Baweja, GET REAL"

Anonymous said...

Jallad, Ravaan Raj and Gunda? Your knowledge of disasters is incredible.

As for Bwejja junior, his dad is right. He has finally been accepted. By 7 people!

He's actually got potential. Now if only they get hold of a good script and a director, they might just get him to be slightly more widely accepted.

Quirky Indian