Monday, January 07, 2008

First Day, Last Show

CubbyR saw his first movie in the theatre last evening.

Took him to our favorite Urvashi theatre, near Lalbag. It is one of the rare single-screen theatre with low-priced sandwiches and pop corn during interval. Sadly they have tried to go "multiplexy" by putting up LCD screens to display ticket availability and jacking up ticket rates. Thankfully, the inside still retains the old world charm and usual hooting-whistling junta!

The fellow jumped out of his skin as soon as the decibels of Bollywood ambience score hit him. He kept whimpering and yet turning around to have a look at the screen. After a few sessions of Abha running out the hall with him, he got used to the sound. Soon he started smiling and (hopefully) enjoyed the rumbunctious goings-on. During the climax, he even managed to nap comfortably. By the time he came home, the Cub was all set to recount the plot till 2:30AM in his usual, non-verbal, pelvic-thrusting excitement gestures...

Unfortunately, the lack of last-minute tickets for good movies means that we cannot proudly reveal the name of his first movie experience. Unless you say "Thank You" ;-)

Earlier in the evening, a staffer at Urvashi spotted my flat tire. At 9PM on a Sunday in Sleepy City when all shops would be closed! Ouch. We started inching our way looking for a tyre repair shop. Typical Indian style, we were told "It's just ahead..." every time we asked. A drunk in the very shady "Mavalli" area near Lalbag volunteered information about a chap "at the next circle". Turns out he was the only one who knew!

The place is just before Basappa Circle on the left, on the road from Lalbagh Main gate to City Market, beyond Minerva Circle. The guy was called Jaffer and he's open daily till 1AM. He did charge me 250 bucks to replace the entire tube, but fixed us up in about 10 minutes and was very polite and efficient. (I am inclined to believe the tube-story since Pradeep Shetty of RNS Motors did give me a raw deal for the "Truevalue" car. I found Mandovi Motors to be much more reliable for Maruti needs in Bangalore.)

Next, we grabbed a yummy Jowar-Bhakri meal at Kamat's on JC Road before going for the late night movie with our Cub. The Kamat's are a renowned South Indian brand and this place was no different. Delicious leaf-thaali and homely service!

This was probably the first adventure day for CubbyR and one he's least likely to remember. A milestone nonetheless and he was such a sport the entire time!


~nm said...

We still need to know the name of his first movie. :)

And how did you like it? I am not sure if I would like to go to an old style theater. We go to Priya in Vasant Vihar in delhi which has just one screen but it has nice seats though exorbitant priced refreshments which we try and refrain from.

Vidooshak said...

I would love to say his first movie was Taare Zameen Par, but alas! didn't happen. The movie, I liked. The theatre, we love! We try and see any and every movie there, simply to enjoy their "Grilled Veg Sandwich"... a dish quite typical of Bangalore. So much better than the dry, expensive "Hot Dog" served at PVR :-)

chaos said...

guru... training ur juni to face the music very early on !!!

agree on your comment on "1:40 local" ... but then i normally don't see movies just for the heck of it ;)