Tuesday, April 17, 2007

School Killings -- A Prayer for Innocent Lives

30 kids mowed down in a US college yesterday. My brother left to live the American dream last weekend and my brother-in-law leaves in a few months. Wonder if there is much of a dream left. During the short time I was there, it was not difficult to see why kids would be growing up all nasty and hasty. People seem to be running all the time, chasing their own dreams and outpacing their neighbors'. No one has the time or inclination to talk to each other unless it makes business sense. In such an atmosphere, the kids have nothing more than a TV or iPod or PSP3 to turn to. Kids need attention, guidance and love. They get all of this from savvy marketers. Of course, sometimes, the guidance only guides you to the nearest store. If you cannot afford what's in there, no more love, guidance or attention. Popping the nearest neighbor does seem like the next best thing to do. I remember feeling like killing the bully many times as I grew up. I play-acted movies like "Vaastav" and "Satya" many times in my mind, where all problems are solved by placing a muzzle on the kanpatti-- often without the need to fire a shot. If only all of life were that simple. In reality--and even in those movies--the nice shooter guy ended up dead. Bad dead.

I pray for the families and friends of those who lost their lives in the Virginia Tech massacre. I pray that India decides to remain the boring, cultured country it has been and not want everyone to become Barbie Doll and Gameboy.

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