Thursday, January 04, 2007

Introduction - A Blog for the Baby

Signed up 3 years ago to blog my existence through the "culture shock" of moving to Bangalore from Bombay. Never got around to expressing my delight with 30 variety of sambar for lunch or the generous use of carrots in "chaat". Before I could get over the fixation for eggplant in the daily meal served at these darshinis I was married and eating home food. The next thing I knew, we had moved into a larger house (from the 1 room dwelling). A process that took an year but seemed like a jiffy. Now we gonna be parents. This is the kind of stuff that happens to other people!!!

Nine months. Seems like a huge way away. Looking at the past 3 years, am sure it won't take too long for this period to become a distant memory. We wanted to make memories of making babies. Maybe a blog is a good idea. If I can write regularly.

Hopefully the maman will blog religiously.

Watch this space, or some of the Links nearby.

Thanks for visiting :-)

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